It is a note writing, storage, and organization app that brings together two most used and trusted technologies.

Touchanote combines these into a rare blend of simplicity, convenience, and comfort.  Get Touchanote today and enjoy your reading.

Evernote is one of the world’s most trusted notes storage sites. NFC is the best tag reading and writing app. 

Touchanote combines these into a rare blend of simplicity, convenience, and comfort. Get Touchanote today and enjoy your reading.


Do not wonder how to go about making notes. Touchanote offers the user a step by step guide on how to make and store the notes. If you can use Evernote, then it is easiest for you.

Stores Notes on Shortcuts

The purpose of using Touchanote is to make things easy, simple and convenient. Instead of looking through loads and loads of notes, we use only NFC tags. This means that to access your notes, you only click a tag.

Remember that you can choose to tag photos, manuals, recipes, digital packing lists, etc. It’s that convenient.

Simplified Storage Process

As concerning storage and sharing of notes, we offer the most simplified process. It is easy and simple to write notes on Evernote and share with NFC tags.

You simply select the notes you need to share. Then, select to store to a tag. Once saved, you may place the tag wherever you would like to access it.

It’s that simple with Touchanote. Once you have selected on where to share and shared with NFC tags, your notes are accessible any time anywhere.

Easy Access

Touchanote offers you the very convenience you need. It is quick and easy to access your notes through the NFC tags. Additionally, we have enabled you to walk with your notes and read them from anywhere and at the time you need to.

Touchanote offers you the convenience of accessing your notes from the touch of your phone. No struggles through long notes for what you need. Just a click of a tag and your notes will pop open.

Touchanote is a blend of convenience that you can trust to deliver comfort, ease, and simplicity in reading and notes storage. The storage is to the capabilities of Evernote and the retrieval is to the convenience of NFC technology.

Touchanote is here for you.

Download and sign up today.